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My sincere apologies for my silence all this while. I have been involve in so many contributing project to my environment. However, only Strive Masinyawa could distract me and get me to pen down ever again. I read a masterpiece on his Facebook page and I decide to share it with you  if you don't mind. Not having enough, does not mean we have nothing! In Africa we don’t have enough of most things: We don’t have enough food. We don’t have enough electricity. We don’t have enough clean water. We don’t have enough schools. We don’t have enough foreign exchange. We don’t have enough houses, teachers, doctors, or nurses. We don’t have enough of almost anything you can think of! Most people looking for solutions, including governments, donors and entrepreneurs (for profit and not-for-profit), are mostly focused on trying to get us more of what we don’t have, but there is something else we can "do," and always need to remember... # Not having enough, does not mean we have n

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