Unleash Your Giftings

If it was not necessary God won't have given you a gift. He equipped you with a gift for a reason. Take pride in your gift.

 You can't combine talent and laziness and get good result. When you combine talents and hard work you get explosive results. There is nobody that is successful without a good work ethics. Be flexible!

 Giftings are unique: God didn't make us photocopy. Don't let people squeeze you into what you are not. Don't copy! Stand where opportunity will find you. Invest where you will get best result. Find your point of leverage.

Cooperate with others to achieve big goals for God. You need other people to allow your talents. Reality: you will always need other people. Encourage them to be their own.

Don't grow beyond the capacity of your character. Talented people always have deep need for inspiration and comfort. No wonder you found many of them into drugs, sex and other form of abuses. This is because they want to express their giftingd but they don't know how, they have not learn how.
Go to church, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Never turn your gift against God. Gifts are given for the fulfilment of purpose. Don't let your life be accident. Be a participant in the game of life. Don't just pray and hope things change. Be involve.

So when we deploy your gifts it simply mean you're allowing God to express himself. Use your talent to the fullest.


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